Documentary Production

Treehouse Films specialises in tailormade documentary filmmaking, expressing your stories using a combination of sophisticated equipment and a refined skill set.

Social Media Content

We produce content for your nature-based social media channels, including event highlights, promotional videos, interviews and tutorials.

Drone Filming

To get the perfect shot, we often need to take flight. When it comes to aerial filming, our cutting edge drones excel in both picture quality and maneuverability.

Underwater Filming

Our scuba diving certifications, paired with the latest underwater filming gear, deliver cinematic visuals across various sealife settings.

Infrared Filming

Our specialised cameras and light sources are handpicked based on our infrared image capturing expertise, so as to avoid interfering or disrupting animal behaviour.

Timelapse Creation

Ranging from short bursts to long term timelapses, we can record your subject from the point of inception and present its journey in a dynamic and breathtaking montage.