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Abandoned ski resorts in the Central Apennines region of Italy can cause both environmental and economic destruction. These resorts, once a popular destination for winter sports enthusiasts, are now often left to deteriorate and become overgrown with vegetation. This can have a negative impact on the local ecosystem, as the abandoned infrastructure can disrupt natural habitats and contribute to soil erosion. In addition to the environmental consequences, abandoned ski resorts can also have significant economic impacts. They can reduce property values in the surrounding area and discourage tourism, which can be a major source of income for local communities. The abandonment of these ski resorts can also lead to a loss of jobs and economic opportunities in the region. Overall, it is important to properly manage and maintain these resorts in order to avoid negative impacts on both the environment and the economy.


  • A Co-Production of: Salviamo l’Orso & Treehouse Films

  • Director/Editor: Constantinos Christou

  • Assistant Director: Claudia Pernozzoli

  • Production Manager & Coordinator: Mario Cipollone & Serena Frau

  • Camera Operator: Constantinos Christou

  • Additional Photography: Giancarlo Gallinoro & Ennio Cicotti

  • Original Score: Arsenios Agisilaou

  • Sound Mixing: Hook Recording Art Studio

  • Narrator: Milo Valone

  • Narration Recording: Melaesse Recording Studio

  • Script: Mario Cipollone, Claudia Pernozzoli & Constantinos Christou

  • Visual Effects : Giancarlo Gallinoro

  • Colour Correction: MS Viewpoint

  • Maps: Jan-Niklas Trei